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Post  Discodolly on Fri Jan 11, 2008 2:45 am


Identify the pairs of homophones from the following clues.

Example: One word means a place for keeping aircraft; the other word means a shaped piece of wood, metal, etc. on which you can hang clothes.
Answer: Hangar/hanger.

1. One word means simple; the other means an aircraft.

2. One word means expected; the other word means condensed vapour.

3. One word is nautical; the other is central to the body.

4. One word means connections; the other is an animal.

5. One word means an occasion; the other is a herb.

6. One word means to hit; the other is a vegetable.

7. One word means permitted; the other means audible.

8. One word is a singer; the other is a sum of money.

9. One word is an animal; the other is an undercover fighter.

10. One word means kind; the other means searched for.

11. One means excluded; the other is a poet.

12. One word is a day; the other is a sweet.

13. One word means pursued; the other means pure.

14. One word means a woolly South American animal; the other means a Buddhist monk in Tibet or Mongolia.

15. These are the names of two particular people; one is a macho man; the other is a poet.

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Post  Grom on Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:29 pm

I was going to say Easyjet but that's two words and not quite what you mean! tongue

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